Doctoral Program in Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Doctoral Program in Social and Cultural Anthropology places a special emphasis on the tradition of long-term ethnographic research, on exploring today’s global issues through the lens of critical theory and on analysis informed by local and regional history.

The program relies on an interdisciplinary approach, which encourages dialogue and thematic expansion among academic disciplines. Research interests of scholars involved in the program include critical approaches to contemporary anthropology and its connections with philosophy, ethics, political science, semiotics, aesthetics, ecology, science & technology, as well as the theory of affect, urban and audio-visual studies. The program allows PhD students to pursue a dual degree through a co-supervision model and to receive feedback from an international advisory board throughout the duration of their research project.

The program’s research fund was established through a collaboration between the Institute for Social and Cultural Research and the Doctoral Program in Social and Cultural Anthropology Anthropology to support scholars and PhD students engaged in fieldwork, archival research, or other research-related activities.