Political Theology in Georgia

“Political theology“ concerns itself, among others, with understanding the ways in which politics reflects theological perspectives, “theological thinking” about politics, religious legitimacy of power and the general forms of relations between religion and politics. In Georgia, these relations transformed with the changing historical context and with the replacement of sacred monarchical power with the modern secular state. The degree and nature of collaboration and strife between secular and religious powers changed accordingly, as did the tension between “official” and popular religiosity. As a core research area, Political Theology in Georgia excavates theoretical and historical dimensions of the concept of political theology to understand its emergence as a theoretical paradigm within its primary Western context, while also investigating its instantiations in Georgian history, resp. testing the applicability of this paradigm to Georgian/Caucasian realities. The relationship between the Church and popular forms of religiosity within the modern state as well as cultural forms of representing power and legitimacy are a matter of particular importance.

დემეტრეს მეფედ კურთხევა, მაცხვარიშის ეკლესია, სვანეთი. სურათის წყარო: გიორგი მაისურაძე The Coronation of King Demetre, Matskhvarishi Church, Svaneti. Credit: Giorgi Maisuradze