Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies

As a discipline, cultural studies explores both material and symbolic dimensions of culture. It can rely on synchronous or diachronous, historical-comparative, or genealogical research. Thus, it enables both a contextualization of particular cultural phenomena within a historical perspective and an articulation of their symbolic meaning, as well as their transformations through time.

The Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies encompasses, first and foremost, rigorous training in theory and methods, as well as their refinement in light of empirical and research material. The program devotes particular attention to the exploration of and engagement with interdisciplinary research perspectives that have emerged within cultural sciences (iconology, visual anthropology, cultural memory studies, performativity, cultural semantics, microhistory and more). The program will place special emphasis on studying Georgia and the Caucasus from the perspective of global post-colonial, post-imperial, and post-socialist theory.